50 years of Hot Rods and Racing remembered

The Stroker's 50th Anniversary DVD

By popular request your organizing committee has produced a 30 minute DVD containing a great collection of photos and 8mm movies from the early days with the Dragster and the Gladiator at the Kohler Dragway as well as many member photos.   We have added caption to all photos as well as scrolling sub titles for the film clips and many of the slides.

The Model "A" in the Demolition Business

Our next-door neighbor was a retired blacksmith and just down the hill from his house were the crumbling remains of the old shop. Charlie was our mentor and us young boys were always welcome at the old shop to observe the operation. We learned a great deal about working the red hot metal on the anvil. We got to turn the handle of the blower to add the air to the charcoal forge. Observe the various tools and their use. The hammer as it was skillfully used on the hot metal to shape it.