The Model "A" in the Demolition Business

Our next-door neighbor was a retired blacksmith and just down the hill from his house were the crumbling remains of the old shop. Charlie was our mentor and us young boys were always welcome at the old shop to observe the operation. We learned a great deal about working the red hot metal on the anvil. We got to turn the handle of the blower to add the air to the charcoal forge. Observe the various tools and their use. The hammer as it was skillfully used on the hot metal to shape it.

The Model "A" to the rescue

On a hot Sunday afternoon when you had a car with five wheels to take you to the nearest swimming hole you were the King of the road. So off we went to a pond located on a side road. This pond was part of a watercourse that at one time supplied a mill. There was a goodly flow of water to the mill but a road had been constructed across part of the pond creating a dam to the water flow. This had been compensated for by the installation of a culvert under the road.