50 years of Hot Rods and Racing remembered

1954 - 2004

We still have a supply of '04 hats and T-Shirts


Good quality T-Shirts with Stroker Logo on back and Strokers Reunion 2004 on front left.... $10/ea

Good quality hats with Stroker Logo $10/ea










Remaining Inventory as of Oct 2005

    T-Shirts left

1   red crank large   
4   black crank 3XL
2   black crank large
1   black crank med

      Available Hats

  1 black- red printing
  5 blue - red printing
12 burgundy - gray printing
15 white - red printing

Official Stroker Car Plaque. (only 3 left)
This unpainted cast aluminum plaque has Reunion 2004 added to bottom of the original casting.  This addition can easily be removed if you desire to have the original look.



Limited Edition Posters (only 2 left)
We also have 2 of these limited edition 16x20 plaqued posters from the Reunion.

This is a print of the Jeff Norwell original that he created for the '04 reunion and will look great hanging in your shop.




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